Special church council

The Leadership Council of Lemont Calvary Church would like to present Pastor Sid Casillas as our candidate for the open senior pastor position. 

According to the Constitution and Bylaws of Lemont Calvary Church, in order to install Pastor Sid, an in-person special church council must be held so that the membership of Calvary Church can vote. We are scheduling this meeting for June 7, 2020 at 2:00 pm in the Calvary Church parking lot. The meeting will be held in this special manner in order to accommodate the voting requirements of the church constitution, while simultaneously recognizing the unique situation of our current times and the need to follow social distancing guidelines. 

Due to the limits on the number of people who can gather inside the church building, a traditional candidate weekend will not be possible. As such, Pastor Sid would like to offer three different opportunities for church members and attenders to get to know him prior to the scheduled vote on June 7th. If you would like to speak with Pastor Sid prior to the vote, please utilize one of the following opportunities:  

  1. Meet Pastor Sid during his parking lot office hours after Sunday service on June 7th.  

  2. Schedule a phone conversation or in-person outdoor visit at your home by emailing Pastor Sid or calling the church office (630-257-9333).