Hope & Friendship Foundation

The Hope and Friendship Foundation is a conduit of surplus, whether it be meals, redistributing used household appliances, furniture, or belongings, from households that have to households that are in need of these items; or in some cases puts out a call/email of need to raise funds or accept donations to provide a new item or help to cover a cost that otherwise can not be covered.



Hope and Friendship projects have been but are not limited to: 

  • hosting a community Thanksgiving dinner
  • delivering Christmas dinners and care boxes
  • winter clothing drives
  • spring household cleaning supply collection
  • hosting an “Unbirthday Party” (a huge bash for the children who have not been privileged to be the guest of honor at an elaborate birthday celebration)
  • receiving an unexpected abundance of food, then distributing that food to households, and they are so appreciative of the items that provide relief to their stomachs and wallets
  • offering to do yard work and household tasks for those people who, being physically or financially impaired, are unable to complete the daunting task of upkeep on their homes. 

It is the belief of Hope and Friendship Foundation that a friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. Though Hope and Friendship cannot provide everything of need for those households that experience such strain, it is the goal to try to provide opportunities for them to benefit from the kindness and generosity of their “friends and neighbors” around them. Since December 2005, Hope and Friendship has provided much needed assistance, but the help has come from our own community.