Before Sunday, make sure you reserve a place for you and your family for the 10am in-person service! Separate reservations are required every Sunday so make sure to set yourself a weekly reminder!

The first thing to plan on is arriving EARLY (we recommend at least 15 minutes before services starts). Even though our goal is to get you into the building as quickly as possible, our check-in process will add time to your arrival.

Pulling into the parking lot, you'll be directed to park downstairs in you have Calvary Kids to check in and upstairs if you don't.

Your first stop, before entering the building, will be to check-in with one of the hospitality team members under the white canopies. The information collected for check-in will only be used in the event a known case of COVID-19 is reported and we need to contact you to warn you of exposure.

Before you enter the building, please make sure everyone in your party (over the age of 2) is wearing a mask. We want everyone to feel welcome at Calvary and wearing a mask may help others feel safe while we gather together.

Once inside, you'll be directed to the auditorium. We will be filling the sanctuary from the front to the back, leaving every other row empty. Please leave four seats empty between you and the next family. 

Service will be shortened, but will still include worship and a message. Everyone is asked to wear their mask for the entire duration of the service.

Everyone will be excused from the auditorium one row at a time, with parents being excused first to pick up their children from their Calvary Kids classrooms. Families with children are asked to exit directly into the lower level lot.

Coffee Connection will be suspended for the foreseeable future. The lobby will be unavailable for connection time after service, but we will have an area of the lower level parking lot sectioned off so we can still spend time together outside as a church family!