Want to tithe or give online? It's quick and secure! Simply click the "GIVE" button below, and follow the steps. You can even set up recurring giving!

Do you have questions? Scroll down for a list of our FAQs.


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  • You don't have to use one method exclusively. If you’re in the habit of giving weekly via cash/check, you may only want to use the online option for weeks when you’re away or for when you’re moved to give to a specific ministry or project during the week. By using the “GIVE” option online, you can make a one-time donation without committing to it.

  • No, only personal contact information is stored.

  • Yes. SecureGive is a fully PCI-DSS compliant and authorized service provider. Meaning, it’s as secure as it gets. 

  • To you, no. To Calvary, yes. A small transaction fee is charged to Calvary after all donations have been received. *If your bank offers electronic transactions, it’s best to set up a recurring donation. Usually no transaction fee is charged.

  • Giving to the church is an integral part of a person’s spiritual devotion. Online giving is a tool to help people develop that spiritual discipline in their lives. Fee-deducted giving is better than not giving. Many people are more likely to carry their smart phone than their checkbook; this gives more people opportunity to give during the regular worship service. Often, people are moved to give during the week, when not in a church service. This provides the opportunity to obey that leading on the spot. When giving is convenient and easy, it’s more likely to be done. When people automate giving, they’re less likely to forget it when they’re away. When an immediate need arises (i.e., disaster relief, special offering, benevolence), the online giving option allows people to give to these projects, even if they did not come prepared to do so during the weekly service.